Baking Tray Series
Why use Non-stick baking tray? What is the difference of P.T.F.E、P.F.A and Silicone coating 2013-01-02

Non-stick surface is easy de-mould , protect product suface and reduct washing and cleaning times. It's more eviroment friendly and cost save.

P.T.F.E, P.F.A and Silicone coating are three different kinds of non-stick treatment.  P.T.F.E and P.F.A is normally used for baking bread and some other low suger contain products , otherise Silicone coating is most used for making such high suger contain products as cakes. 

P.F.A  is a powder coating material, so it  has more non-stick aliblity than P.T.F.E. which is normal liquid coating material. 

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